About Nihilo Decor


Nihilo Decor is a home accessories design studio founded by Katlyn in 2019. While in the middle of making a decorative wreath, a phrase hit Katlyn out of nowhere; “creating something out of nothing.” As she described it, "this phrase is exactly what I wanted myself and the business to be portrayed as.” So after a quick Google search, the first article to appear was this. The article reinforced her creative process and affirmed her creative nature. Eventually the latin term ‘Ex Nihilo’ appeared, which means "out of nothing.” Katlyn instantly knew that her venture was meant to be called Nihilo, and proceeded to build it into a business.

Katlyn Elberson is a creative force with a passion for bringing new life to ordinary items. Through her love of design, creating things with her hands, and all things vintage, she has turned what started as a hobby into a home decor business. Taking time to teach herself design tools and techniques, she is now able to express herself by bringing her creative visions to life through unique products and services offered. She lives by her personal belief that no is not an acceptable answer to any question. As she says "I don’t believe in the word no; THERE IS ALWAYS AN OPTION.” There’s nothing she loves more than taking just about anything and using her imagination to turn it into something new and beautiful.

Get in touch if you have an inquiry regarding one of the products featured on this site, or would like to work directly with Katlyn.